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The limited company DESMAN SARL was set up in 1989 and since then has developed a range of equipment especially in the domain of pacific bird-scaring, without wounding or provoking lasting disturbance. Our activities have led us to gain the confidence of a large range of customers who use DESMAN products or services.
We are at the disposal of any organisation faced with a mass presence of birds and desirous to manage this presence. DESMAN can bring all its technical know-how through demonstrations, interventions, sale or renting of equipment.


For Germany: AQUALOR S.A.R.L. - 42, rue de la Porte d'Allemagne - 57930 FENETRANGE - FRANCE - Tel: (33). - Fax: (33). - E-mail:

For North America, USA et Canada : Reed-Joseph International Company - P.O. Box 894 - 800 Main Street - GREENVILLE, MS 38702 - USA - Tel: (1).601.335.5822 - Fax: (1).601.335.8850 E-mail:

For Korea : Dail Scientific Trade Contact: Mr Young-Seok Lee - Address: 903-9, Bongcheon-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea (zip. 151-840) - Tel: + 82-2-887-3116 - Fax: + 82-2-337-3742 - E-mail: - Web:

Other sites concerning birds: - Résultats essais fusil laser sur canard Eider par Universit?de Glasgow - Site officiel Wetland International Cormorant Research Group - Airport Wildlife Hazard Mitigation - Bird Stricke Committee USA - Des crottes et des cris de corbeaux - Laser anti corbeaux - Espèces invasives

Other interesting web sites: Gîte rural Sainte Marie de Campan -

Other products:
We develop too some products for weapons (Picture of RLDM R 001) and balistic reconstructions (Picture of VLTB 2 x 005) used for criminal investigations (Photo reconstitution balistique) and by experts. Look too and . Specific device NAJE88 with very high aim.

How to contact DESMAN S.A.R.L.:
Ste Marie de Campan
Tel: 33 (0)
Fax: 33 (0)